Refer Your Fellow Instagram, OnlyFans, and Snapchat Premium Influencers

Current subscribers can potentially reap huge rewards referring others to SocialTrends. Simply have them visit your personal URL to sign-up. You’ll receive up to 30% of any revenue generated from the memberships they purchase.


  1. Be an active Member of
  2. Visit your referrals page within your SocialGlide dashboard
  3. Send your personal referral link to people or businesses interested in scaling their Instagram accounts.
  4. Have them visit your referral link to purchase a SocialGlide membership.
  5. Receive up to 30% on any purchase from people you refer to SocialGlide. You will receive a revenue split from those members for every single month that they are subscribed to us.

You must be a current subscriber to receive revenue splits on referred purchases.

To get started, login to the subscriber dashboard, and go to the referrals section to find your personal referral URL.

Please email us at if you are an influencer looking to partner with us.

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